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Abriel: im gonna go lay dowan again :)
Calladan: bye
Kamakela: Who's dowan? Did you at least buy flowers?

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NCSoft Western Operation Layoffs

Our friends over at MMORPG.com broke the news today about layoffs affecting the NCWest office. How will this fix our beloved Lineage 2? Read on for the announcement and for the statement by NCSoft.

The Aden Prize Wheel Returns!

After a ten month absence, the Aden Prize Wheel returns with a new look and a great list of prizes! Prize lists for both the regular and gold wheel have been given an extensive overhaul, and a lot of brand-new items have been added.

The famous mini-game will only be available from September 17 until maintenance on October 1. Don’t miss your chance to win some of this great new stuff, including one of the top prizes ever available on the Wheel, the Sealed Talisman – Insanity.

Adorna Visits!

 photo Jay-amp-Adorna_zpsb622df7c.png

Look who stopped by and visited! That, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the founders of L2RPA. That is Adorna! We didn't get an interview with her, but we must have spent almost four hours reminiscing and showing her the current state of the game.

Will we see her in game any time soon? We can hope!

July 9, 2014 Server Maintenance - Big Vita Boost!

Tomorrow's standard maintenance brings with it the close of the Fortune Teller event. Woo.

However, in the maintenance notes, NC Staff has posted this little gem:

Player Spotlight: 1Peri1

For the month of May, we tapped a previously spotlighted player's recommendation and hunted down 1Peri1 on the official boards to get her into the spotlight!

Without further ado, we present 1Peri1!

Name: 1Peri1

Server: Chronos