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Player Spotlight: Linnda

This month, the Player Spotlight shines on another of the forum personalities, a player who contributes both to the dialogue on threads and also to the banter that goes back and forth outside of the question & answer. This month, we shine the spotlight on Linnda!

Name: Linnda
Class: Kamael Aeore Cardinal
Server: Chronos

Christmas Kamael Wishing You A Happy Holidays!

Player Spotlight: GirlyGirl

This month, I wanted to do something a little different with our Player Spotlight feature. We've already shone the light on two of the more seasoned players, so this month I want to shine the light on someone newer to the game. I reached out onto the forum and found someone who re-joined Lineage 2 fairly recently after a long absence. With a different perspective, I give to you: GirlyGirl!

Moving Day!

Hi everyone, it's me, Jay!

On Wednesday (3/5), I'm picking up the family and moving. Thankfully, it's not a major move (just 40 miles or so) so I should be back by Thursday (3/6).

Of course, that is dependent on my internet connection being hooked up in time. Either way, I'll be back as soon as I have a solid connection .

See you on the other side!

Power of Love [Event]